My name is Elle-May Leckenby.I am 20 and I live on the Sunshine Coast, Australia. 

Stylishells is just
a combination of nature and style. I've always lived near the ocean front and I guess it's become a part of who I am. I feel at home here and I want to express this through my images! There is not much to the name I guess I just like the way it rolls of the tongue you know? Make of it whatever you feel :)

I am in love with colour, 
texture, people, emotions, light, personalities, the beautiful minds and ideas we can 
come up with from being inspired by creation and life!!I love partnering with brands that compliment 
my style. I am passionate about creating inspiring and motivating imagery and by collaborating it 
gives me constant reason to keep doing just that. 

Everything I post is an expression of gratitude to my 
maker,  my blog is a celebration of life and it is an honour to have you here. 

Elle xx


  1. wow! You are just a true inspiration :) my new favorite blogger

  2. I just came across your blog and i am in love. the photos are great and you're simply gorgeous. keep up the beautiful work.