Monday, March 3, 2014

We all have our natural habitats

I'm so in love with this outfit I am passionate to share it! haha
Summer has just finished in Australia but I am well aware it's coming for many other places.
So this is kind of a mixed up beach outfit.

I designed this oversize cardigan through Dahlia Wolf, I've photographed it quite a few times now,

and recently got these adorable swimmers from BOODWAH Etsy store, which has a heap of handmade cute little swimmers and body suits :)

Anyway Dahlia Wolf are hosting a contest alongside with Fashiolista and the winner gets to design a 5 piece collection in LA with Dahlia Wolf!
I know the chances of me winning this are really slim but there is no harm in getting involved. 

You can vote for my inspiration look here 
And to anyone who does this I am honestly truly grateful for your support. 

The online world is so crazy now, there are so many people excelling in what they do via the internet and I guess I am just one of many people using my blog so I can do what I am passionate about and make a living! And I know it's only through the support I get from you guys that this is all doable. So honestly from the bottom of my heart, I will always be so thankful, Love you guys so much :)
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  1. Gorgeous beach photos :D

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