Thursday, March 6, 2014

Room tour - a photo series

Today I decided to do a small photo series on my room. Over the past few months a fair few people have expressed interest in a room tour, I want to eventually put together a full home / environment tour.

So here is a glimpse (I recently changed rooms). My house is strange to decorate as it's a very modern home and my style is based strongly upon historic italian and victorian influences. So it all mashed together, I guess is a part of me practically and artistically.

It's so interesting how people are so inquisitive of where other people live, me being one of them! I always wonder what peoples homes are like even when I first meet them. And when I visit someones house I always like to inspect their room and home environment. It gives me a huge insider view into what they are like as a person I guess. 


  1. Your room is beautiful and I love your shoes!
    your photos are amazing, as usual.

    I really love your blog

    1. Thank you so much, I will be sue to check yours out :)

  2. I love your article ! Photos are awesome ! Your room is pure and elegant, the mash is great, I really love it !

    Feel free to visit my blog ;-)