Monday, March 3, 2014

Beara Beara ~ Spring, Summer

I am so excited to show you guys some snippets from a project I’ve been working on since towards the end of last year alongside Beara Beara Bags!

Firstly when they asked me to be apart of it I felt so honoured as their brand is genuinely one of my absolute favourites. the quality is amazing and the designs are so unique.

~”We respect the desire to buy a hi-fashion brand but are pleased to see that there are still plenty of people who appreciate quality and take pride in creating their own style.” 
This is something I admire so much about the brand, they understand people and stand by a quality and durable product even though times are more fast paced and fashion is now changing faster then ever before. 

They also give work to a lot of locals in Bolivia who are so advanced in their craft and deserve the support, you can read more here 
I hope this inspires you guys as much as it has for me!! 
Elle x

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