Thursday, February 13, 2014

Happy Valentines Day!!

So has an annual “LookBook is for Lovers” comest and this year for the first time I am entering it with my dear Canadian friend, Bobby Raffin
Bobby & I have discovered through Lookbook we share a mutual love of bike riding! Before we had ever met we would comment back and forth on how some day I would go to Canada and we would take our bikes for a spin and work in an outfit post! 
Last year Bobby encouraged me to enter the NYFW contest which resulted in the two of us actually meeting! It was honestly the most surreal and amazing experience ever. He has such an free, fun, fantasy-like mind set that is always bubbling over with new ideas (hence the theme and caption of this post). I find it extremely inspiring and I am so happy to share this image with you guys!
I love the positivity of the Lookbook community and it really is an amazing place to make new like-minded friends, who you just may end up meeting some day :)
Happy Valentines day to all, and may all your wishes come true :) 
Elle x

You can get the dress from Ali Express! 


  1. lovely post
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    A chic kiss ;)

  2. Love Love Love, You are so Beautiful <3

  3. omg love this photos and you- beautiful ♥