Sunday, January 26, 2014

Riding through the fields

Some more images with my LEKKER bike!
Also Another tank by Dizzy Little Dotty,
this illustration is so detailed and beautiful :)
I honestly can't get enough of her work~
Also did you notice the Leather basket on my bike?
How beautiful is it!! I've never seen one of these, it just adds the perfect unique accessory to the bike!

It was Australia day yesterday here in Aus, so I spent some time with my family which was really nice. We went out this morning to throw a netball around and I got a bit to into the game and ended up cracking my ankle. So now I have to relax for a week. Which will be good, but I have so many more outfits I want to photograph and show you, so we'll see how I go -.-
So hopefully more soon..
Elle xx


  1. Fantastic, beautiful this look!

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