Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Beachside cruising

More Lekker bike shots. They won’t stop haha.. but seriously!

It feels more and more like I am spending my entire days indoors on my computer now. I've been working a lot on different graphic design jobs too, which takes up even more time. I just really appreciate having the afternoon free and to myself and just riding this bike down to the beach and pools and relaxing, swimming, breathing, really just taking in the beauty of my surroundings! 
You can't explain the feeling of how good it is when you're pedalling so fast , the wind just glides through your hair as you watch the setting sun. Haha, I am sure we have all experienced this!

Anyway if you want to check out the bike online - HERE is the link,
and also this lovely dress is from!
Post soon,
Elle x


  1. I love this look!

  2. U're bike is so nice!

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