Monday, December 30, 2013

For a Cafe

Nice outfit from yesterday, winter inspired :)
I had the air-conditioning on full blast in my room when I took the photos because you would drown in your own sweat wearing this in the Australian climate at the moment. Okay thats really gross and over the top but I wanted to express how I felt about this wretched heat.  
I have been working on my new blogger site all day today, literally. I only took like an hour break to swim some lapse in the pool so I could release all my impatient energy and now I am back in my cave slaving over html and pretending I know what I am doing. Haha nah, it’s a really good challenge for me!

I hope to have two blogs running in the new year. Blogger and tumblr!

Socks and tights from TabbiSocks

Elle xx

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